Say What?
So your Twitter account is sending spam.

Is your Twitter account is sending tweets or direct messages (DMs) to your followers all by itself?

This indicates that your account has been compromised, probably through a fishing scam. Likely you got a DM that had a link and a statement similar to one of these:

“see who has been looking at your profile”

“someone is saying nasty things about you”

“Is this you in this photo?”

“I found an old video with you in it”

“wow you’re busted in this video”

So then you clicked on the link and it went to a page that asked you to re-log on to verify your identity, and you did. Guess what? You just gave the hacker your user name and password.

Don’t feel too bad, lots of people have fallen for this trick. After all The person who owns the account that sent you the DM was also fooled.

Now how do you fix it?

First change your password. Follow this link to find out how.

Always use a unique password for every account. Don’t use the same password for Twitter as you do for your email, or blog account. If someone gets your Twitter password they could then log on to your Twitter account, look up your email address and then log onto your email account. Then you might have real trouble.

Then check your application permissions. Revoke access to any suspicious apps or any that you don’t remember authorizing. Here’s how.

Also enable https. Here’s how.

The next thing you should do is send a DM to the account that sent you the link and tell them that their account has been hacked and direct them to this article for help to fix it. You should also tweet the account so that others will see that the account has been compromised and not fall victim to the same scam.

If the scammer has changed your password here is how to recover or reset it.

If the account holder does not fix the problem you can report the account to twitter. Here’s how. This will also block them from following and sending you DMs.

Twitter does suspend spam accounts, but it is up to twitter users to report them.

And here is a quote from Twitter; “Twitter will never, ever ask you for your password. If you receive a verification request asking for your account information, it’s false”.

I hope this helps. .

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